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What Is A Sales Slump?

A slump is any decrease in performance, over time, not just one bad day. A slump may start innocently enough. You might simply lose a sale. It bothers you. You lose another sale. That bothers you more. Then someone makes a comment that "you might be in a slump." You botch a sale again. Suddenly you decide you are in "an official slump". Your depression and anger about "being in a slump" fuels it, makes it worse and maintains it. Your poor results worry you more. You begin to think so much of how to fix the slump that you "get into your own head" too much. Now it really is a slump. And now it's a mental issue. But one you can handle.

How Do You Get Out Of A Slump? My Top Five Tips To Peak Performance.

1. Be Clear About Your Definition Of A Slump. Make sure the slump you are in is a real one. If you assume you are slumping after one bad sales performance, you are far too quick to judge yourself so harshly. A more reasonable definition of a slump would be where you have a series of poor outcomes.

2. Don't Let People Talk You Into A Slump. Some people love to tell you that you're in a slump. They think they can see the slumping pattern you're in. Don't let their negativity affect you. Make up your own mind about your sales performance.

3. Change Your Routine. Sometimes a slump starts because you're bored, yet you may not realize it. Your routine may be too predictable. Mix it up! Try some new selling skills, some new selling practice systems and some new presentations. Often just a change in routine will wake you up and give you a new perspective.

4. Practice Harder And Improve Your Sales Weaknesses. Simple as it sounds, sometimes you sell poorly not because you are weak mentally, but just because you have a selling weakness or outdated presentation. Try practicing your presentations and closes longer, harder, better and smarter. Work the slump out on the selling practice court.

5. Stop Trying So Hard When You Are With Customers. This sounds like a contradiction from the previous tip, but think for a minute. Slumps are very frustrating. They can make you exert incredible amounts of non-useful energy. From a performance psychology standpoint, only a perfect amount of effort gives great results. Too little effort and your performance is flat. A slump unfortunately brings out too much negative energy in your efforts to defeat the slump. Trying too hard kills your selling performance. Relax and try softer, not harder.

Don't assume you are in a slump before one is truly there. Have a slump plan ready to go and take concrete, positive action. Stay one step ahead of the slump and you'll keep your sales performances soaring.

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Greetings & SMILE'S,

My PRAYER to Donna Vinci - It is written: "For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope."

I thank God that no weapon formed against you shall prosper, that God is the one presence and power active in your life and those that are around you. That God send down the Arch Angel Michael to surround you with love based people and protect you from any negative spirits, that you are positive and love based. Through God's presence, you are wise and prosperous. Amen.

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