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Celebrate Change with Donna Vinci!

Donna Vinci Congratulates President Elect, Barack Obama!

With the US about to throw the biggest soiree of the century, celebrate this historic inauguration with your customers and Donna Vinci in style! Take advantage of special pricing on our Fall and Holliday collections, and join in our promotional programs and giveaway’s, targeting customers in your area. Contact us for more details. Hurry quantities are limited!

Dorinda Clark Cole at COGIC

101st Annual COGIC Holy Convocation. November 3rd - 10th In Memphis, Tennessee.
Photo of Ms. Dorinda Clark Cole with an attendee during COGIC 2008 Convention, which is wearing a DCC, The Rose Collection outfit in Black.
2 COGIC 2008 convention attendees wearing suits from Dorinda Clark Cole, The Rose Collection" [DCC]

Dorinda Clark Cole MAGIC Fashion show August 2008

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