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Beautiful Divas at the Oscars

Last month we celebrated Black History Month and the Oscars as well.

Donna Vinci definitely noticed some beautiful African American women on the red carpet and we had to share in case you didn't tune in!



March is Women's History Month

This month join Donna Vinci as we pay tribute to the generations of women whose commitment, passion and hard work have made invaluable contributions to our society today.

This year's theme is "Women's Education- Women's Empowerment". Women now outnumber men in American colleges nationwide but this wasn't always so. This recent gender gap switch did not come without a valiant struggle waged by many tenacious women throughout the years.

Donna Vinci wants to celebrate and thank the women who have come before us to pave the way for the women of today!

SPRING is coming...

We know it's hard to believe but spring is almost here!

The season which is known for new beginnings, renewal & growth will officially start on March 20th.... Less than a week from now!

Spring also brings with it special occasions such as Easter, Mother's Day & Weddings.

Make sure to use these special occasions as opportunities to make a sale. Women are going to be looking for that new spring look & color to wear for these occasions.

So make sure to stock your stores to offer your customers an unsurpassable selection.

30th Anniversary Tote Bag

Would your customers like to be our March tote bag winner? We will be selecting Twitter followers; Here is how you can win:

1. Follow us on twitter @DonnaVinciDiva by going to

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Visit and "like" our Facebook Fan Page to stay updated on monthly contest. We are still taking submissions for our February Diva to win a FREE Donna Vinci suit. It could be you!

Saint Patrick's Day

While we all don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day we can all agree that there is nothing wrong with looking fabulous in a new spring color this March!

Take a look at these beautiful and elegant pieces from the Spring/Summer 2012 collections from Donna Vinci.

Be bold this spring and step out in a color you normally wouldn't wear, you will make your friends Green with envy!

DIVA Of The Month

As always, we are looking for our March "Donna Vinci Diva of the Month". Is it you?

Send us your photos of you wearing one of our collections and you could win a free suit and be featured all over our blog and Facebook Fan Page!

Visit HERE for details!

Congrats again to Veron Spencer, our February Diva of the month!


We love getting emails & letters from you! Here is one from Ophelia Armstrong owner of My Girlfriend's Closet in Phoenix, Arizona:

"Thank you for the wonderful Newsletter, it was outstanding. Also thank you for honoring us as Black Women and Men, back then and now.

It shows that meant something to you. Also for acknowledging what our ancestors went through, and still some of what were still go through today. You and your company are truly Blessed by God and appreciated."

THANK YOU Ophelia!! Your comments & support mean so much to us. So to everyone, keep those letters & emails coming!

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