Donna Vinci Monthly Newsletter

Spring & Summer 2011 Collections

We have mailed our Spring & Summer 2011 catalogs and you should have received them by now. The majority of the styles are in stock including hats.

Since we cut each style in a small quantity, we urge you to review the styles and place your orders immediately.

Call us Toll Free: 1-800-320-4193

It's MAGIC Time

That's right, in a blink of an eye the New Year arrived and we are already half-way into January! And before we know it, February with the world famous WWD MAGIC Show, will be upon us. Come for the fashion shows, seminars and latest fashion information. Make sure to stop buy our booth 75145, to check our Spring/Summer 2011 Collections. Our fashion forward styles and exceptional quality ALWAYS speak for themselves, especially when viewed in person.

As usual, the Show will be at The Las Vegas Convention Center starting Monday February 14 - 16. So make your accommodations early for good rates & availability. As always, you can find great rates through . They have negotiated rates for almost all the hotels. We look forward to seeing you at our booth!

Oh, and don't forget, we will be celebrating Valentine's Day at the Show buy gifting YOU! To thank you for your support & LOVE, we will be giving you a free Valentine's Day Gift!

End of Season Package Savings

Package #1: Suits on sale priced $49 to $69
Take $10.00 off each suit when you buy 8 or more
Take $5.00 off ANY matching hat or hat/bag combo.
($80.00 Package Savings)

Package #2: Suits on sale priced $79 and up
Take $20.00 off each suit when you buy 6 or more
Take $5.00 off ANY matching hat or hat/bag combo.
($120.00 Package Savings)

Minimum Advertised Price (M.A.P) Policy Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a M.A.P.?
M.A.P. stands for Minimum Advertised Price, a policy about advertising.

Q2. Does the MAP policy control the price I sell a dress for?
No. You decide your own price for selling a dress.

Q3. Why do the DonnaVinci brands have a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)?
DonnaVinci brands have a MAP policy to protect the brand's reputation for superior craftsmanship and unique designs. The brand relies on its retailers to understand the value the merchandise, its high quality and great fit; and to invest in inventory and marketing of the DonnaVinci brands.

Q4. What types of advertising are covered by this MAP policy?
All types of advertising are covered by this MAP policy, including print, mailers, banners, radio, TV, Internet, email blasts, auctions, and all electronic media for advertising.

Q5. Can I tell my customers that I will offer a discount?
Yes. In private discussions with a customer you may offer a discount.

Q6. If a customer calls me, can I offer a discount that results in a selling price that is lower than the MAP?
Yes. When a customer calls you, your one-on-one conversation is not considered advertising. You decide your selling price for that customer.

Q7. Are the signs in my store covered by the MAP policy?
No. The MAP policy does not cover the manner in which you show the prices of your merchandise in your physical store. Once the customer has entered your physical store, your one-on-one communication with your customer, using signs or personal conversation, is not covered by the MAP policy.

Q8. Can I sell DonnaVinci Brands by auction on EBay or other Internet auction services?
Yes. If you sell using the auction feature, the starting price or reserve price must be the MAP price or higher. If you sell using the Buy It Now feature (or the feature: Buy It Now or Make an Offer), the price must be MAP price or higher. If a customer contacts you to make an Offer, your decision about what price to sell to that customer is yours alone.

Q9. If I sell or advertise on the Internet, can I offer a discount below the MAP price?
No. All forms of advertising on the Internet must conform to MAP pricing. Here are some examples of prohibited practices: (i.) showing the MAP price with a strike-through, a 'mouse-over' that shows a lower than MAP price, any secondary or 'click-through' website pages, pop-ups or windows that show a lower than MAP price. (ii.) Techniques used to hide or disguise a price below the MAP, such as a coupon or discount. (iii.) A gift with purchase that effectively lowers the MAP price. (iv.) Advertising of discounts as part of charity or non-profit sponsorship. These are examples of advertising practices that violate the MAP policy.

Q10. If I sell on the Internet, can I show a lower price in the shopping cart?
Yes. After a customer places an item in the shopping cart, the cart may show whatever price you wish.

Q11. Can I advertise with slogans like, "Call for a better price." or "Never undersold."?

Q12. Can I put DonnaVinci Brands on sale?

Can I advertise the sale price below the MAP price?

Can I advertise with a slogan like, "Big Sale. Call for prices."?

Q13. Can I negotiate to change the MAP policy or to be exempt from the MAP policy?
No. The MAP policy is not negotiable. It applies equally to all retailers.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Although his actual birthday has passed, it is an honor to recognize and celebrate the birthday of an amazing man who has not only changed the history of this country for the good, but inspired us to "dream" a world filled with love, peace & compassion for ALL.

Happy Birthday Mr. Martin Luther King Jr

Corporate Information

Corporate Showroom:
1206 S. Maple Ave. Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90015
M-F 8 to 5:30pm PST.

Saturdays 8am to 12 pm (Customer service only)
Telephone: 213-746-2390
Toll Free: 1-800- 320-4193

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