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Donna Vinci Monthly Newsletter

Mar. 2008 - Vol. 4, Issue 3


This has been and exciting month featuring daily specials designed to reduce the amount you spend on products and increase your overall revenue. From cutting-edge designs from all 5 of of our sultry collections, to low-low prices, Donna Vinci is committed to offering you the best in prices and quality.

Right now purchase 2 DVC Exclusive designs and we will give you the 3rd suit for FREE! Now is the time to buy some of our hottest items, at are best prices and either pass the savings on to your customers or increase your profits. The good news is that, you have the choice!

During April take advantage of our DAILY SPECIAL. Every day we have a special style on sale at a very special price. Call us at 1-800-320-4193 to find out the Daily Special every dayl. We want you to be successful, so you can increase your sales margins or pass the saving on to your customer.

Give us a call today at (800) 320-4193
Dear Danny,

My name is Deborah Wiggins and my boutique is The Lady's Place, in Orlando, Florida. I want you to know that I love all of the lines and styles that you have. I sell more Donna Vinci product than any other. I am just completing my 1st year of business and have decided to change over the stock in my store, and will be carrying mostly product from Donna Vinci.

Thanks for such quality.

Lady Deborah Wiggins, President The Lady's Place, Inc.
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